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About Us

At Process FC, we provide players with exceptional professional opportunities through our residential program and strategic partnerships with top clubs. Join us in shaping the future of soccer, where every player is a crucial part of our Process FC family.

Our Services

Player Representation

Process FC operates within a global football network, covering countries like the US, Mexico, Australia, Italy, England, Portugal, and Costa Rica. We assist in player representation, handling club communication and negotiations, managing sponsorships, and partnerships, allowing you to concentrate on your performance.

Wealth Management

Our team can provide financial advisement as you navigate the overwhelming task of making good decisions with your money. As you progress in your career, the money will surely follow, thus our goal is to help you make smart moves to promote financial stability. 

Residential Program

The Process Residential Program offers aspiring professionals an opportunity to train and live like a professional footballer. You will be immersed in a total football culture, with all the tools needed to further develop as a complete player and take your game to the next level.

Sports Marketing

Our team works to find you endorsements, sponsorships, and other marketing opportunities that fit your values and interests. Diversify your income streams and increase your earnings, all while playing the sport you love. 

Mental Coaching

We know how crucial mental performance is in any sport. Our team will work with you to give you the tools that will help turn your mind into your super power. Giving you an edge on your competition, helping you perform the very best at the top level. 

Soccer Tours

Exposure and connections are a huge part of making your way into the professional world of football. We are very proud to offer soccer tours where teams can play against professional soccer clubs in Costa Rica.

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Romy is currently studying to become a Fifa-Licensed Agent to bring his personal expertise in both Soccer and business to further aid in promoting our Process players. Romy oversees all logistics and relationships with clubs and clients around the world. He speaks Spanish, English, and is currently learning Portuguese. 

Romy Lakip


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Jennie, a professional soccer player who began her soccer journey in Costa Rica, is currently playing for Queretaro FC in Mexico. She is the president of Process FC, bringing her expertise in and recent experience with the path to professional soccer to help our players realize their dreams of playing at the top level. Her passion for helping others do what she has done is demonstrated in her ability to connect with players, relating with them in practically every aspect of the journey. 

Jennie Lakip


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Mike, Founder and Vice-President of Process FC, has spent over a decade in the youth soccer world and created an impressive network within US Soccer. His impeccable eye for talent, makes him an excellent scout for current and future Process players. His knowledge and understanding of the game makes him an asset to our players’ technical development and soccer IQ. He speaks Spanish and English fluently. 

Mike Cediel

Founder and Vice-President

Our dedicated team at Process FC is committed to unlocking the full potential of every player, ensuring a journey of growth and success in the world of soccer.

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